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Joint-Stock Company
«Research Institute of Synthetic Fiber with the Pilot Plant»

(JSC "VNIISV"), the Russian Federation, Tver

In Russia and the CIS countries VNIISV is the only research-and-production enterprise in the field of synthetic fibres industrial structure consisting of the Institute and the Pilot Plant. The enterprise possesses 58-years operational experience in creation of modern advanced technologies for synthetic fibres and materials. The uniqueness of the enterprise is in harmonious unity between scientific and industrial components of each kind of product developed and manufactured by the enterprise.

The basic kinds of JSC "VNIISV" activities:

  • Research and developmental works in the field of synthesis and processing of synthetic fiber-forming polymers;
  • Development of new high technologies and improvement of existing technologies on manufacturing and processing of chemical fibres and fibrous materials;
  • Carrying out of experimental works on manufacturing and processing of chemical fibres;
  • Working out of basic data for designing of synthetic fibres production plants;
  • Testing of new kinds of equipment and experimental installations for manufacturing and processing of chemical fibres;
  • Development and production of textile auxiliaries and finishing preparations for manufacturing and processing of chemical fibres;
  • Activities on standardization of chemical fibres;
  • Activities on certification of chemical fibres and the auxiliaries used for their production;
  • Working out of techniques for analytical control of the contents of chemical substances in industrial, household materials and in the environment;
  • Rendering of information and consulting services to physical and legal persons in the field of production and processing of chemical fibres, tapes, fibrous materials;
  • rendering of complex services on carrying out energy inspection (energy audit) of facilities of energy and transport industry, housing and utilities infrastructure and state-financed organizations;
  • Production and marketing of laboratory and pilot batches of polymers, fibres and products thereof;
  • Carrying out of foreign trade activities according to the current legislation.